Short Of The Week

#2 – The Black Hole (Phil Sansom & Olly Willams) One of the most famous and widely viewed short films of all-time.  It’s made by a great concept and a very good bit of silent acting by the lead.  Once again, I guarantee a few minutes of your day well spent.

Blue Valentine (2011, Derek Cianfrance) – Review

Every now and then you see ‘one of those’ films.  The kind that properly gets to you, that jumps out the screen and slaps you in the face.  The kind that leaves you staring at the credits for 5 minutes after it has ended, cuts through all the superfluous nonsense and reminds you what a … Continue reading

Great Scenes (Part 6)

Another installment of some of my favourite scenes of all time.   Includes Spielberg, Kubrick and after seeing Twilight the other week,  I thought I should include a scene from a proper vampire film…   Close Encounters Of The 3rd Kind (1977) – UFOs Surround The House The stand-out scene in a great film.  This is Spielberg at … Continue reading

Recent Viewing

Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2  I have defended these films in the past, but for want of a better description Part 2 is a crock of shit. It has all the energy and intensity of a hungover sloth that has only eaten jelly for a week. Here is my stream of consciousness review of some … Continue reading

Short Of The Week

#1 – LOVEFIELD (Mathieu Ratthe) Every week I will be posting one of my favourite short films, and well… I guarantee that they will be a few minutes of your day well spent.  This week features Mathieu Ratthe’s suspenseful debut ‘LOVEFIELD’, which has drawn comparisons to Alfred Hitchcock.  The cinematography is stunning and it’s a great … Continue reading

Moneyball (2011, Bennett Miller) – Review

Ahhh Baseball…. Anyone for a game of futuristic cricket with imaginary, subjectively placed stumps and lots of spitting?  In 2002 the Oakland A’s went on a record breaking 20 game winning streak.  Having been stripped of their star players in the off-season and shackled by a relatively small budget it was a remarkable run.  Directed … Continue reading

Five 2013 films I couldn’t Care Less About

Here’s a follow-up to my ‘Five 2013 Films I Can’t Wait For’ list.  Obviously, this list is purely based on speculation.  I will happily waddle off and see them if they turn out to be incredible. 1. One Direction 3D Dir: Morgan Spurlock Release Date: 13th August 2013 Starring: 1D and thousands of shrill teenage … Continue reading