Great Scenes (Part 5)

Mulholland Drive (2001) – Club Silencio

Probably the best scene i’ve seen all year, and definitely the best film i’ve seen all year.  Wonderfully eerie music that i had stuck in my head for days, and that gradual realisation that maybe all is not what it seems in this David Lynch masterpiece.

“There is no band….this is all a tape recording”


The Dark Knight (2008) – The Joker’s Magic Trick

This scene became an instant classic back in 2008 when The Dark Knight exploded onto our screens. That laugh as he enters the room is one of my favourite moments in film history.

“If you’re good at something, never do it for free”


Braveheart (1995) – One Chance, Just One Chance!

I’m Scottish, and i don’t care about any historical innacuracies, i love this film.  There are two parts that i can’t watch without shedding a tear.  The final shot of Robert The Bruce pointing his sword down the battlefield with his crazy eyes, and this speech.  Magic.

 “Home! The English are too many!”


That’s 15 scenes in this section now, what do you think of them and what are your favourite scenes of all time?




  1. Great choices! I have see the ‘Braveheart’ speech scene adapted for other movies and animation films. Now the ‘Joker’ scene, Heath Ledger has made it extremely difficult for anyone to use The Joker in another Batman film. The role began, and ended with him. Still makes me sad to think of him being gone.

    • Yeah, an astonishing performance. I know a lad who refuses to watch The Dark Knight, he says that he’s already seen the perfect incarnation of The Joker in the original Batman and that he doesn’t need to see another one….he doesn’t know what he’s missing.

  2. I love the Club Silencio scene but my two favorite ones From Mulholland Dr were the Expresso scene with the Hollywood people and the part where I saw the girl sing “I Told Every Little Star”

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