Great Scenes (Part 6)

Another installment of some of my favourite scenes of all time.   Includes Spielberg, Kubrick and after seeing Twilight the other week,  I thought I should include a scene from a proper vampire film…


Close Encounters Of The 3rd Kind (1977) – UFOs Surround The House

The stand-out scene in a great film.  This is Spielberg at his best.  The lighting and sound are amazing and that chimney shot is fantastic.  Unfortunately the video below ends before the household appliances start to go nuts.  Spielberg has created a few great scenes in his day and this is right up there.


Let The Right One In (2008) – Swimming Pool

The shifts of atmosphere in this scene are incredible.  Fun, threatening, violent and then warm all in under 5 minutes.  The underwater shot of the limbs being dragged through the water is inspired, leaving the violence (partly) to your imagination.  I love everything about this film.


The Shining (1980) – Are You Concerned About Me?

In a film full of iconic scenes, this is my favourite.  I love the way it moves through the room, cutting between them. The section from Wendy discovering Jacks ‘all work and no play….’ papers  through to the bat swinging on the stairway is one of my top 5 scenes of all time.  Jack Nicholson having a blast, that terrifying soundtrack and some amazing camerawork.  “As soon as possible!”



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  1. Great call!on Let the Right one In scene, it’s so amazingly well done. I enjoyed the scene in remake too, but in original it was much more chilling and strangely beautiful.

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