What’s the Rumpus?


I originally started this thing because I wanted to keep track of every film I watched and what I thought of it, like a big list, but it seems to be starting to expand a bit.  I love films and see this as a good way to improve my writing and a better way to spend some of my spare time than watching crappy television shows.

I’m 25 and was born and raised on the mean streets of suburban Edinburgh (Scotland).  My favourite films include No Country For Old Men, Alien/Aliens, Miller’s Crossing, La Haine, Anchorman, Donnie Darko, True Romance, The Motorcycle Diaries and far too many more to mention.  Also, all the pictures at the top of the site are from films I like.

Interests other than films include playing sport, watching sport, playing guitar, listening to new music and seeing new places.

Finally, every comment is a good comment (within reason).  Don’t hold back.



  1. Love the title you’ve used here… “What’s the rumpus?” – Miller’s Crossing right? You’re a fellow scot then are you? I’m from Glasgow myself.

    I like how your sites looking man. I’ll have another little browse tomorrow. Nice to have found you.

      • Haha! I hear you. It’s nice to meet a fellow scot in the blogosphere. There are very few of us out there it seems. I’ve been flying the flag for a while now and I might now be coming across as some blogging Scots nationalist. LOL.

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