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Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2 

1.5stqrI have defended these films in the past, but for want of a better description Part 2 is a crock of shit. It has all the energy and intensity of a hungover sloth that has only eaten jelly for a week. Here is my stream of consciousness review of some of the things I noticed whilst watching.

The opening credits (and looking back the best sequence of the film), nothing nothing nothing nothing nothing Jacob ends a scene by giving a smug knowing smile, turning, nodding and jogging away nothing nothing nothing nothing in Egypt nothing nothing nothing multi-cultural nothing nothing nothing nothing the background music stops for ten seconds of sweet sweet relief, it plays continuously for the rest of the film nothing nothing nothing nothing Bella meets an interesting and well-acted character in a restaurant, he was called Jenks nothing nothing nothing nothing nothing I didn’t think beheadings could be so boring, but wait! Some major characters are dying, this is almost interesting….oh wait, a massive cop out. Nothing nothing I pick up on a reference to the first film and feel ashamed.

Considering how much money these films have raked in, the CGI is pretty bad. Once again the wolves carry about as much threat as a gaggle of affable butterflies and the score never rises above aimless piano tinkling. Other than Michael Sheen’s ridiculous laugh and Kristen Stewarts face, I didn’t find a single thing to enjoy.


2.5starI was drawn in by the cast but Tom Hardy was average, Guy Pearce overacted a caricature of a character and Gary Oldman was barely on screen. Unexpectedly this left Shia LeBoeuf as the standout performer in a disappointing production. I struggle with historical pieces filmed digitally.

We Need To Talk About Kevin 

3starThis is as cold as they come. The film cuts between the present day struggles of Kevin’s mother as she deals with life after the incident and flashbacks to him growing up and their very strained relationship. For me the fact that Kevin was seemingly born evil detracted something from the film. It might have been more interesting if there had been some examination of the factors (parenting, social experiences etc.) that affect a child and could conceivably push them over the edge. It was more like The Omen than anything else. I never felt anything towards the mother and therefore found it a little underwhelming. There are some moments to appreciate (evil, creepy baby staring out his mother) and a great performance from Tilda Swinton, but not a lot else to enjoy.


Best Of The Bunch



4.5starI’m not going to be able to describe how much I loved this…so I’ll keep it short. Of all the films I’ve seen this year, this is my favourite. Tom Hardy and Joel Edgerton are both great as estranged brothers, but Nick Nolte is on another level altogether as their troubled father. A soundtrack which is dominated by ‘The National’ and brilliant, brutal fight sequences (Hardy broke toes, ribs and a finger during filming, and it shows). My closing statement? …It’s better than ‘Rocky’.


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  1. I saw Warrior on dvd this year, was impressed. Characters that you cared about, and as you said, the performances were great, and you believed them as fighters.
    Did you notice a critique of the American health insurance policy? in that Brendan’s family couldn’t afford to live in their house, with his daughter sick. At least that’s how I interpreted that part of the story.

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