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Attack The Block

3starProvides exactly what you want it to.  Plenty of NED on Alien action, it’s  funny enough and there’s even an attempt at some social commentary.  The creatures/aliens look amazing, probably because CGI was used as little as possible.  It was almost entirely done using suits, masks and animatronics.  That means more fun for the actors and more fun for the audience. It doesn’t come close to ousting ‘Shaun Of The Dead’ as the best film in this genre though.

“lads, you’ve discovered a species hitherto unknown to science, quite possibly non-terrestrial in origin, and you kicked its fuckin’ head in!”

ides2The Ides of March

4 starA bright-eyed and idealistic young campaign worker is introduced to the dirty world of campaign politics.  Very slick with a phenomenal cast and my favourite type of ending, an ambiguous one!  Will Stephen adjust to the morally corrupt world of politics to further his career, or will he bring down the man he once believed in live on air…the title would lead me to suggest that it’ll be the latter.


3.5 starA good balance between classic Bond cheese (there are a couple of seriously cringeworthy lines) and the more human and rounded elements that recent Bonds have tried to capture.  This one should unite those who feel that recent Bonds have moved away from what made the character great and those who have been drawn in by the realism and fragility that have defined Craig’s portrayal of 007.  One of the most entertaining opening action scenes I’ve seen in a while and the best villain since Craig took over the role.  Are Bond and M washed up? Is there still a place for the spy on the ground in this technological age? Well..

“Every now and then a trigger needs to be pulled”.

Best Of The Bunch

In The Loop

In The Loop

4.5starA magnificent satire of the lead up to war in Iraq.  In the loop, made by the creators of BBC political comedy ‘the thick of it’, takes a savage satirical swipe at the politics of the build up to war.  Despite being a fan of the TV series I had concerns about the production of a film.  The great strength of the TV show is its intensity and fast, sharp, at times breathless dialogue.  I feared some of this intensity would be lost with the longer running time, but it wasn’t.  This film is up there with the likes of Anchorman as one of the most quotable films I’ve seen, but on top of the great one-liners, unbelievably creative swearing and genuinely brilliant comedic moments, this film has substance.

“Don’t ever call me English again!”



  1. Really enjoyed Attack The Block and so much more than I thought I would. Skyfall also impressed me – loved the back to basics and back to Bond’s roots elements with a nice bit of retro thrown in. But I have to say that although I enjoyed Ides Of March, the ending was far too open for me – it made me wonder why I had sat through the whole movie if they weren’t even going to hint at which way it was going to go… very frustrating.

    Thanks for reminding me to watch In The Loop! I’ve had it in my collection for a while but haven’t got around to watching it yet. Your review has made me want to put it on now!

    • Yes, I can totally understand your annoyance with the ending of Ides of March, I have no argument for that. I can never really properly explain to people why I like open ended conclusions.

      Get In The Loop watched, Malcolm Tucker is one of my all-time favourite characters, let me know what you think when you get around to it!

  2. Glad to read you enjoyed In The Loop so much, it’s one of my all time favorite comedies, I highly recommend The Thick of It – it’s even funnier.

  3. Fab collection of films you’ve just seen! Adore Attack the Block – it just makes me laugh to no end. And I really liked that there wasn’t a lot of CG put into the film and it was real. Makes a world of difference.

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