Recent Viewing

Close Encounters Of The 3rd Kind

3.5 starA great piece of escapism with impressive special effects (look at that still below, 1977 it was made!!) as aliens make contact with Earth, via a remarkably catchy jingle. The standout scene involves the extra-terrestrials descending on a house and trying to find their way inside to abduct a young child. This is up there with Spielbergs better work.  Look out for some truly terrible parenting on display.

The Counterfeiters

3.5 starA Russian Jew and master counterfeiter is taken prisoner by the Nazis and forced into helping them with the biggest counterfeit operation in history; the Nazis attempt to weaken the US and UK economies by flooding the markets with hundreds of millions of fake pounds and dollars.  The beating heart of the film is the internal struggle the team of jewish counterfeiters face.  Their choice is between self preservation and actively helping to bankroll the Nazis, or if they don’t comply certain death and a small dent in the Nazis cause.  An astonishing true story that I need to read up on further.

largecounterfeiters blu-ray3232

Bad Boys

3starYour standard ‘back and forth dialogue between two trigger-happy cops who have one last chance to save their jobs and become heroes within the force’ framework…. but done well.  I’ve always liked Will Smith, he’s naturally funny and has some good lines to work with here.  It flew by and the slow motion shots during the action scenes were unintentionally hilarious.“This happens to be one of the fastest production cars on the planet. Zero to sixty in four seconds, sweetie. It’s a limited edition. ”  “You damn right it’s limited. No cupholders, no backseats, just a big shiny dick with 2 seats in it.”



4 starMy first dogme film.  As a wealthy family gets together to celebrate, dark secrets from the past surface.  I have to admit that it literally made me feel nauseas for the first 10 minutes as I got used to the shaky hand-held camera, but once my stomach had settled I thought the back to basics filming and production style fitted the story and situation perfectly.  The hand-held camera and fly on the wall shots brought a gritty realism, as if you were walking the rooms and corridors yourself.  At times uncomfortable, but well acted and never dull.  It almost felt as though this is how this shit would go down in real life, rather than in a film. Refreshing.


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