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The Amazing Spiderman

2.5starPossibly the most pointless film I’ve ever seen.  It’s only been 5 years since the last Spiderman was released and this really doesn’t bring anything particularly different to the table, certainly not enough to warrant another re-boot.  Call me cynical but it feels like the studio has just wheeled out Spiderman as a guaranteed money-spinner.  Andrew Garfield does a good job and it’s a massive relief whenever Martin Sheen is on screen and it starts to feel like a proper film.  Between them they almost drag it into ‘good film’ territory, but the whole thing is completely let down by the unconvincing and forgettable villain.  A perfect example of these completely unremarkable, lazy and formulaic films that Hollywood continues to churn out.  The cinematic equivalent of an album by a manufactured and heavily marketed boyband.

Barton Fink

3starJohn Turturo plays an acclaimed playwright turned Hollywood writer, struggling with writers block.  I’m a big fan of The Coens, but this one didn’t agree with me.  The film is ambiguous and open to various interpretations and meanings, which is all very well, but the problem i had with it was quite simple.  With the exception of John Goodman’s character it wasn’t entertaining enough to hold my attention. It doesn’t matter how clever or thoughtful a film is, if you get bored that’s it.  To be honest the fact that I could be so out of step with a Coens film has left me feeling a little confused. It pains me to say it, but the one word running through my head more than any other, was ‘pretentious’.  I’ve felt that their films have occasionally diced with pretentiousness before, but for me, this is the first time they’ve crossed that line.  Having said that though, there are quite a few funny lines, some great dialogue, John Goodman is superb and there are a couple of great scenes towards the end.

“Notice how he’s not writing it down”

Music and Lyrics

1starJunk, drivel, terrible, hogwash, crud, despicable, shite, appalling,  dreadful, horrific, guff, shocking, abysmal, dreadful, ghastly, bogus, crap, loathsome, detestable, dire, abhorrent, hideous….these are all examples of words that fail to adequately describe how bad this film really this.




Enter The Void

3starGaspar Noe’s Enter The Void follows a small time drug dealer and addict living in Tokyo  and his souls journey from death to reincarnation.   Visually the film is stunning, like nothing I’ve ever seen before, but in the end I found it a slightly empty and hollow experience.  Definitely worth watching though for the imaginative camerawork and spectacular visuals.  Take a look at the trailer below.




  1. The fact that you described a film with the word “hogwash” makes this worth reading entirely.

    Nice site you have here. I still haven’t seen Enter The Void. Will do when I can, keep up the quality work.

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