Worst Ever CGI Moments

Terrible CGI is always good for a laugh, so I thought I should showcase some of the worst examples i’ve ever seen. Grab a slice of this!

Shark Attack 3: Megaladon

Anaconda 3

Blood Predator

How many bullets does a revolver hold?  Despite deploying their infinite ammo cheat, it looks like these ladies are doomed.

Deep Blue Sea

Granted this CGI is excellent compared to the others here, but because of the budget of $78,000,000 I had to include this.

Jaws 3D

I’m speechless

200 M.P.H

If you discard the acting I thought this race scene was looking pretty good until the moment came when they had to film a couple of crashes without damaging the cars.  Can you spot where the real cars end and the CGI cars begin?


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