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The Adjustment Bureau

2.5starStarts out promisingly by introducing a decent central character and what initially appears to be a fairly interesting concept, but by the end it has degenerated into inane drivel.  Matt Damon drags the second half of the film along with another decent performance, playing a young senator with future presidential plans.  Watchable, but Inception it is not.  On the plus side, best use of hats since Miller’s Crossing.  Is that an Oscar category these days?

Source Code

2.5starDuncan Jones follows up his hugely impressive debut ‘Moon’ with a fairly average Sci-Fi action thriller.  Think Groundhog Day but with an incapacitated Bill Murray put inside someone else’s body and with more explosions… well, the same explosion multiple times.  Leaving the cinema the guy behind me summed it up rather well when asked what he’d thought of it, replying “It was just all a bit silly really wasn’t it”.  I’m yet to be totally convinced by Jake Gyllenhaal as a leading man.  Forget this and get your hands on ‘Moon’ if you haven’t already.


3starSet in the first Lebanon war the story follows a small paratrooper squad and a single tank and its crew as they set about what should be a routine mission in  a small town.  Most of the film is set within the confines of the tank, with our only view of the outside world coming through the sight of its guns.  It’s seriously claustrophobic and for a while quite effective, but unfortunately before too long the constant grinding din of the tank trundling along and the limited scope began to frustrate me.  A decent watch but nothing special.  If you’re after a gritty, realistic war experience why not watch the real thing…


3.5 starDocumentary following a platoon of American soldiers during a tour in one of the most strategically important and dangerous valleys in Afghanistan.  A great insight into the dangers and challenges facing soldiers day in day out.  Without doubt one of the best documentaries of the last year.

X-Men First Class

3starWith the exception of Batman I haven’t much cared for any of the recent comic book films but this one managed to hold my attention, which to put it nicely is more than i can say for most of the others.  There are a couple of impressive scenes early on including the best of the film, which involves Erik Lehnsherr (Michael Fassbender) looking for an ex Nazi in a small bar in Argentina.  It could almost be a deleted scene from Inglorious Basterds if it wasn’t for the Yuri Gellar style ‘powers’ on show.  Fassbender is great, McAvoy is good and the rest are fine.



  1. Well, i was a pretty underwhelmed by Inception first time around but it at least followed through on the initial idea and set up, without turning into some mushy nonsense about how love can overcome anything, which is what Adjustment Bureau does. And i just watched Inception again and actually enjoyed it a lot more second time. Love the 6 word stories you did, some of them are immense.

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