Great Scenes (Part 2)


There Will Be Blood (2008) – The Baptism

The tension  between Eli Sunday  and Daniel Plainview is taken to another level in this riveting scene.  Daniel Plainview, initially going through the motions, is pushed to the limit by Eli.  The scene marks a real turning point in the film, Thereafter Plainview no longer makes any attempt to please Eli or co-operate with the church, becoming far more hostile and ruthless.


The Exorcist (1973) – The exorcism

Probably the best single scene of all time.  The lighting is superb, it’s intense and it just builds and builds.  15 minutes of pure cinema.  Not much more i can say really… Unfortunately the clip below is just a snippet of the full scene.


28 Days Later (2002) – Vacant London

28 Days Later has one of the best opening sequences to a film i’ve ever seen.  The shots of an empty London are beautiful and spectacular. “HELLO!!”



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