Recent Viewing

Invictus (6/10):  I love rugby, i love films, i should’ve loved this.  The physicality of the game was conveyed well, but there were some serious problems with the match scenes, notably the obvious CGI shots of the balls going through the posts and the kicking technique of some of the actors.  I also found Freemans accent to be quite inconsistent and distracting.  Matt Damon was far more believable as Francois Pienar.  The problem  with this, and every other sport film is that the match scenes never come close to being as good or exciting as the real thing, so it just ends up all feeling a bit flat

The Blind Side (6/10):  Rich well-to-do family helping out a semi-retarded orphan (despite what the neighbours over the fence might think) who’s only chance lies in his sporting ability! Yes, you have seen this film a hundred times before. It’s not bad, just average.

The Proposal (3/10):  Up there with the likes of Loch Ness, Pearl Harbour and Plughead Rewired 2: Circuitary Man as one of the worst films i’ve ever seen.  What felt like about 6 hours of total misery.

Waltz With Bashir (9/10):  Grabbed me from the very first second and didn’t let go until the credits rolled.  A truly great and original film, it’s not everyday you watch an animated documentary.

Chinatown (8/10):  An intriguing and intelligent crime thriller.  As the plot slowly unravels, at no point do the audience know more than Nicholson’s character, a simple technique, but an effective one.  Perhaps the pacing was a little slow at times, or maybe i’m just too used to the modern fast-paced style, either way it’s a minor point and this is a fine film.

Iron-Man 2 (5/10): A couple of laughs but not funny or witty enough in the buildup to make up for the dull set-pieces and action sequences towards the end.  Whiplash is a terrible character, with no backstory apart from a couple of wishy-washy lines about his father… he was just kind of there.  As always seems to be the case in films with Sam Rockwell in them, Sam Rockwell was the highlight.

Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas (7/10):  It was always going to be a huge challenge to pull off a film adaptation, but Terry Gilliam manages to capture the insanity of it all.  Perhaps if this wasn’t my favourite book i would have scored it a little higher.

For once i agree with all the quotes

The Squid And The Whale (7/10):

In Bruges (7/10):

Frost/Nixon (7/10):

Juno (7.5/10):

The War On Democracy (8/10):

American Gangster (7.5/10):

Taxi To The Dark Side (7/10):


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