Great Scenes (Part 1)

This is the first part of a list of some of my favourite scenes and moments from films i’ve seen over the past few years. Whether it’s the acting, script, cinematography or music some film moments are just so brilliant they deserve their own mention.

I’ll start with my favourite scene of all time.


True Romance (1993) – Mob Boss Interrogation

The slow build-up of tension and of course that ‘sicilians’ speech make this a truly great scene.  Great dialogue and the classical music gives Hoppers speech an added dimension.  How far does he dare push the mobster? And how will he react? Hopper and Walken in fantastic form.   



2001: A Space Odyssey (1968) – HAL disobeys orders

Hal refuses to obey an order from Bowman, responding in  that sinister monotone voice “Sorry Dave, i’m afraid i can’t do that”.


Oldboy (2003) – Corridor fight

17 takes to perfect, with the finished shot filmed in one continuous take.  The side on view gives it the feel of an early 90s video game.  The glare, drip of blood and smile as the lift door opens at the end make me smile every time.  Great fight sequence.


One comment

  1. I haven’t seen the scene from 2001, but I can fully agree with you on the other two scenes. That was the best scene from True Romance and that Oldboy scene is one of the best fight scenes i’ve seen

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